2023, Jail and Prisoner Legal Issues Seminar

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Access to the presentations are available until June 1, 2023.
At that time, the presentations will be removed, but you will still have access to the workbook. 

Revised! Updated!! Many new presenters and topics!!

Seminar Topics and Presenters Include:

  • “Gender Reassignment Surgery: Legally Required?”: JEB Brown, Esq.
  • “New Trends in Correctional Litigation”: Elmer Dickens, Esq.
  • “PLRA for Newer Administrators”: Elmer Dickens, Esq.
  • “Classification”: Donald Leach, Ph.D.
  • “Gender Dysphoria”: Charles Wilhite, Esq., Ph.D.
  • “Developing a New Supervisor Training Program”: Darrell Ross, Ph.D.
  • “EEOC and Other Basics for Supervisors”: Ann Koshy, Esq.
  • “Officers Getting Sued Under 1983: An Anatomy”: Honorable Curtis Gomez
  • “Inmate Discipline” : Elmer Dickens, Esq.
  • “Corrections and The Americans with Disabilities Act”: JEB Brown, Esq.
  • “Sex and Power”: Elmer Dickens, Esq.
  • “Transgender Inmates and the Law”: TBA
  • “Jail Emergencies: Emergency Operation Planning”: Kelly Moran
  • “From the Plaintiff’s Viewpoint”: Sara Norma, Esq.

Correctional litigation is exploding, putting a spotlight on jails, correctional officers, trainers, less-lethal tools, policies and practices, not to mention full and complete transparency demands that are at an all-time high. Jail operations are under the microscope. This AELE seminar gives you up-to-date legal and other critical information about jail risk management and organizational issues that impact your daily work environment.

 • Accredited by the Nevada Board of Continuing Legal Education

**Please be advised that the topics or content of a presentation may be adjusted at any time due to the speaker’s request or by the AELE. While every effort will be made to provide accurate and up-to-date information, changes may be necessary to ensure the presentation is of the highest quality and relevance. Therefore, attendees should be aware that the final presentation may differ from the initial agenda, and adjustments may be made up until the time of the presentation. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we strive to provide the best possible educational experience for all participants.

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