The Americans for Effective Law Enforcement (AELE) has a long history of providing superb educational seminars. Since its founding over 50 years ago, the AELE has pioneered educational programs focusing on educating the law enforcement community about high-liability topics, including information on how to minimize risk. One primary goal of the AELE seminars is to share knowledge with attendees so they become independent problem solvers. The focus is on education, not training. Training focuses on specific skill development so standardized solutions can be applied to predictable situations.

Solutions. Education is about sharing information so learners develop into independent problem solvers, because one solution does not fit every situation or organization. That is one reason why AELE instructional designers prefer the term “evidence-based” to “best practices,” because the latter implies that if your organization hasn’t adopted the “canned” solution that there is something wrong. Developing independent problem solvers through contemporary and proven information permit them to match and apply “evidence-based” solutions to perplexity. Proven evidence-based practices are shared with attendees at the AELE educational seminars by experienced, street-wise, presenters. Presenters provide the ingredients for attendees to develop a “solution” for their specific challenges.

In-Person or Virtual: Attend current and future AELE seminars “in-person” or “virtually.”

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