AELE Public Safety Journal

AELE Public Safety Journal

Inaugural Issue

Welcome to the AELE Public Safety Journal, a digital, semi-annual, peer-reviewed publication focused on critical and contemporary public safety issues. The August 2022 inaugural issue is offered at no cost to introduce you to this important publication that contains scientific research, legal research, and evidence-based articles written by scholar practitioners. Unlike many legal and scientific publications, the AELE Public Safety Journal is very approachable and readable.

The August 2022 issue includes scientific research findings about spit restrain devices, legal articles on technology and Internal Affairs concerns, and articles on leadership. The authors are scholar practitioners in their respective areas of expertise, and that is what makes this different from purely legal and scientific journals. 

I encourage you to consider a subscription to the Journal, or for greater value, consider an AELE membership (individual or agency) that includes the semi-annual publication (March and August).

Please enjoy the inaugural issue of the Journal and help us continue its publication through your subscription or membership.

Professionally yours,


James E. Brown, Esq.


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