Jail and Prisoner Legal Issues Seminar 2021

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NEW to the 2021 AELE Jail and Prisoner Operational and Legal Issues Seminar

The AELE “Jail and Prisoner Legal Issues Seminar is now available for ON-DEMAND attendance. Shot on location in Las Vegas, NV at The Orleans Hotel during the “live” seminar, you will get the feeling of being there as you complete each seminar module. You do not need to complete each seminar module at one sitting because the entire program is over 19 hours long. Take your time and enjoy this AELE seminar . . . learning as you go.

You have 60 days from date of enrollment to complete this ON-DEMAND seminar. The ON-DEMAND seminar will be removed on June 1, 2021.

Only a few of the topics of the 2021 AELE Jail and Prisoner Operational and Legal Issues seminar may look the same as those of 2020 because of content update, reflecting the changing times we are living in to ensure nothing of importance is overlooked. NEW topics and presenters have been added to make sure you have the latest information on a variety of topics.

New to the 2021 seminar is the use of case studies, used to introduce and analyze most topics that will showcase important issues and how potential SOLUTIONS are applied. This is the most solutions-oriented Jail and Prisoner Operational and Legal Issues seminar available today.

The content and the approach of this AELE seminar is unlike previous “Jail and Prisoner Legal Issues” seminars, so enroll today because its contemporary topics involve detail analysis, involve evidence- and legal-based solutions, and include active audience participation. Here is a snapshot of the topics that were presented “live” in Las Vegas.

COVID and Its Impact on Mental Health
Law Enforcement Reform Movement: Qualified Immunity
Jail Force Issues: basic understanding of civil liability lawsuits against correctional officers; Constitutional standards under the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 8th amendments; and other law that provides causes of action in corrections; defenses against liability including qualified immunity; Prisoners Litigation Reform Act; use of force standards based on the status of the detainee (arrestee, pretrial, convicted); tips on avoiding liability  
CA AB 392—Statute vs. Federal Standards on FORCE
Creating Lasting Organizational Cultural Change: It’s All About the Little Things
Managing LGBT-IQ Inmates (not available ON-DEMAND, but in your digital seminar handbook)
Microlearning: Its Role in Maintaining Compliance Standards and Training
Management of Jail Supervisory Risk and Liability
Deployment of Distraction Devices in a Jail Setting
Updating Your Suicide Policy to Follow the Science

Thank you for attending the AELE Jail and Prisoner Legal Issues Seminar!

Enjoy the ON-DEMAND seminar and please contact the AELE for assistance.

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